Chronicle Journal Letter To The Editor Submitted By Samantha Rizzo - Residents, Business Urged To Make Recycling Effort

Growing up in Thunder Bay's surrounding area, I've always considered Thunder Bay to be a part of my home.

I've had the pleasure of growing up in a rural community, witnessing the beauty of nature unfold before my eyes.

This rural way of living has instilled in me the deepest respect for our planet and our little slice of heaven right here in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. And because of this love and respect I have for our community, I want to see it thrive, and this means taking action - as residents, and as business owners.

Taking action to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Utilizing companies like TerraCycle for recycling and Eco Depot Waste Diversion for composting and asphalt shingle recycling, not to mention making use of the city's curbside pickup for recycling.

It might take a little extra effort. It might take a little extra time. But is your time and effort not worth the benefit to the community, to your descendants? Don't you want a Thunder Bay that your children can be proud of?

The best time to make a change is yesterday. The next best time is today. Make a positive environmental change, and be the difference you want to see in our community.